Spring will soon be sprung!

I know it doesn’t feel like it, what the drizzle and the clouds and the fog and – did i mention the drizzle? But chin up because springtime is fast approaching with the good old British summertime hot on its heels. So its not surprising that we’ve got plenty of gardening and decorating jobs booked in over the next month.

We’ve had a great winter season at LakesPM but i have to say, I’m happy to be waving a fond farewell to winter. After all, there’s only so many times a man can happily scoop gunge out of a dripping gutter before he begins to yearn for solid ground beneath his feet and a nice clean paint brush in his hand!

Lots of you seem to be gearing up for spring already, we’re looking forward to plenty of painting  jobs as you all freshen up rooms in preparation for all that wonderful sunshine we’re going to be getting… im nothing if not optimistic.

March is a great month to give the garden a bit of a service. Most of us have gardens that are looking more than a little soggy and sorry for themselves at this time of year so its the perfect time to trim back those shrubs, do a little planting and mow the lawn to ensure you get a greener, hard-wearing patch throughout the summer. We’re looking forward to getting stuck in, and who knows maybe the sun will decide to join the party and put his hat on… hip hip hip hooray!